This survey is to determine your interest
in participating in a Final FAREWELL
project and Potluck gathering in the
Spring/Summer of 2020.

WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU PARTICIPATE!!!! Let’s create “our own piece” of the SEAAW event memories. Each piece participants create, prior to, would then get integrated into the WHOLE PUZZLE in the end! For the party, we gather together to celebrate what the event has been to us over the years and build the puzzle together. Will the puzzle have 30 pieces, 40, 50????

Our idea is to hold a COMMUNITY-DRIVEN (as always) potluck & puzzle assembly event. At which, we will hold a drawing to select which puzzle piece each participant can bring home from the FAREWELL POTLUCK PARTY!!

$$$ *Donations to cover the MDF board for the puzzle would be appreciated, but we will
not turn anyone away.

PLEASE complete the survey and submit your responses.
Find the survey at: https://forms.gle/9SgNBRfu7FVV6HMU9

Thank you,
Rin, Terry and Kim