Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your patience as we build our FAQ section….  Participants for the event include artists, volunteers and residential hosts. Below you will find sections pertaining to each of the categories listed.

——————— Information pertaining to ARTISTS ———————

SE Portland, OR USA. By combining the wonderful skills of the artists of our area (and beyond) we have found great success in the past 11 years of the event. Crowds of visitors have flooded the area for the weekend and we continue to enhance the workings of the event structure and organizational elements. As a participating artist you will be a vital part of the “behind the scenes” part of the event. A team of artists acts as the Council for the decision-making process, artists work hard and volunteer their time for publicity, advertising, promotion, orientation, sign-making, flyer posting, outreach, web design, and the many details that go into the planning, organizing and success of this exciting event.

Who can participate?
SE Area ARTWalk is open to artists in Portland Metro area.*

What types of art?

SE Area ARTWalk is open to all mediums & all levels of artists.

Is there an application process and a fee?
Yes, application submission and fee required.

Does the SE Area ARTWalk take a percentage of the artists earnings?


Where does the event take place?

Map boundaries: SE 9th – 41st & SE Powell Blvd – SE Hawthorne

SE Division  –  SE Clinton  –  SE Powell  –  SE Hawthorne  –  Ladd’s Addition

When is the event?

First weekend of March annually. Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Why would I want to participate?

Nearly 100 artists will provide a blaze of colors, shapes, textures, and visual stimuli in SE Portland neighborhoods for the annual SE Area ARTWalk on Saturday and Sunday, the first weekend of March. The ARTWalk map area includes the boundaries of SE 9th Ave to SE 41st and SE Powell to SE Hawthorne Blvd. Artists show in their own creative space or are hosted by local residents and businesses allowing you to visit indoor locations on the free, self-guided tour. The SE Area ARTWalk is a community-building event that has strengthened the connection between businesses, artists, and neighbors.

I’m new….do I learn more about the event if I have never participated before?

Yes, that is the great community-driven part. Prior to the event, there is a artists’ meeting scheduled to get all your questions answered. You benefit from the experience of many long-time participating artists who orient you to the details of the event in a relaxed environment with fun artists!!!

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———————- Information pertaining to HOME HOSTS: ———————

Who can host for the annual event?

If you are a homeowner within the listed boundaries you are eligible for hosting a local artist.

What would I need to do to be a residential host?

You would need to register before January 15, 2016, communicate your space availabilities, coordinate with artist(s) who will be showing with you and enjoy an unmatched cultural experience that happens within our neighborhood.

Is there a fee to be a residential host for the SE Area ARTWalk?

There is no fee to register as a Home Host for accommodating an artist(s) in your home location. *

*If you are planning on participating as an artist and are a Home Host we require that you, as well as your location’s artists, pay the registration fee as an artist as you will all be gaining the promotion, publicity and exposure provided.

Where does one set up in their home to accommodate an artist(s)?

Good question, that would have to be determined by you. You would create a space that matches the need of the artist you already have in mind to show with you, or we would best match the artist(s) who need(s) to be hosted for the event weekend. Selected personal items would be shifted aside/covered in the space to alter it from your normal home set-up as to provide a safe experience for you and visitors of all ages. Home-owner insurance would need to be covered by you, the host.

When do I have to arrange registering to be a host?

Get started early in the fall and save the date! The registration period begins in the fall and the due date for filling out the online form and paying is January 15, 2016.

Why do I, as the host, have to register?

The information is used to build our materials and online resources for the SE Area ARTWalk so visitors can find the artists. See map sample from last year 2015!!!

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