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The mission of the S.E. Area ARTWalk is to establish a community-focused event Map logo.jpgshowcasing artists in  S.E. Portland, Oregon. To organize and promote a group of  local artists to strengthen the art community, encourage cultural awareness, and provide the opportunity for human interaction within our neighborhoods.  

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Front page of Section O review in the Oregonian of the 2007 event.

2008          {photos to come…}

SE Area ARTWalk on GOOD DAY OREGON Fox 12 Oregon 2-28-08  listing click here

Photos by: Kathi Drummond / RedKat Imaging

Adrienne Stacey in her studio throwing a vase on the wheel. Camera man Michael and Joe V. during the segment. Rin Carroll Jackson speaking about map area of SE Area ARTWalk during segment. Collage artist Jordan (Vinograd) Kim doing demo segment showing the technique she developed using recycled junk mail.
Pastel Artist Lynn Lustberg speaking about her process during the  demo portion of show. Adrienne Stacey preparing to get Joe V. ready to throw a pot during the segment. Fox 12 Oregon van in the early morning light outside Adrienne’s studio. The location featured on the live TV show.



Thank you to Mike Ashland for Directing the 2010-2011 Artwalk


Thanks to the team from 2011!



Thank you for the photo from —– That Jolie Girl Walks — blog.


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